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Playing Cockfighting to Win Bountifully

Playing Cockfighting to Win Bountifully – Cockfighting is a type of bet where the two cocks compete to fight in an arena for the two chickens to determine the victory of each player. How to guarantee cockfighting itself is very easy, because you only need to guess one of the mainstay chickens and if it is true then you will definitely get a winnings.


Maybe in the past you could only find this cockfighting game only in various pedalam areas, but all of that is different because current technological advances make everything easier by using a PC or Smartphone based on Android and IOS, you can play this game anywhere. and anytime. So that it makes the bettor not need to search for the existence of the game with difficulty.

Some Ways To Play Cockfighting Online For Beginners

BDD (Both Dead Draw)

This bet type defines as both fighting chickens die simultaneously, before the predetermined match time ends and the player bets on one of the chickens to get the stake back.

FTD (Full Time Draw)

Full time draw means a draw for the two chickens until the time the cock match ends, thus making the bettor bet on one of the chickens to lose.


Meron defines chicken as having a reddish red color.


While wala for the dominant breed of chicken is blue.

If you already know the various definitions and types of bets there is when playing cockfighting, then now is the time to find out various easy winning tips that you can practice directly because these tips have proven to be effective.

Easy Tips for Live Chicken Fighting

  • Paying attention to the history of each chicken’s victory, in order to know how many chickens have won, whether they are the defending champion or have just won a few matches, making it easier for each player to predict the victory of one of the chickens.
  • Finding out the various predictions of winning matches from trusted online gambling experts as an illustration for you to easily make choices.
  • Seeing the condition of the chickens in good condition or sickness, of course we recommend that you don’t bet on chickens with weak conditions because of course the chickens can lose quickly.
  • Playing using small stakes first, as a tutorial to play and makes it a betting experience.

Be confident in your own choices without being deterred by suggestions from others in order to make the big win completely yours.
Some of the things above regarding easy tips to win playing cockfighting, we have provided them in full in the hope that they can help any obstacles to play each bettor quickly.

Of course, before you can play cockfighting betting bets, you are required to have a game account first and if you don’t have one, we urge you to register first on the live chat menu so that each process will be faster.

Thus our discussion this time about the most effective way to play cockfighting online, win a lot, wait for the opportunity to meet us next, which will certainly share various interesting information about the most complete world of gambling with all of you as an insight into the world of gambling.…